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Shearer Painting Services

Shearer Painting has been providing Seattle painting services for homeowners, general contractors, and designers for twenty years in the cities of Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, and Mercer Island. Seattle house painters have painted homes on Vashon, Bainbridge Island, and Tacoma by direct referrall since 1990. Shearer Painting has been a Seattle Commercial Painter focusing on quality interior painting for new buildings and tenant improvement painting for building owners and general contractors. See below for list of our services, brief descriptions, and links for additional information, pictures, and videos.

Exterior Painting Process "It is all about prepwork" is the axiom we have all heard. For exterior painting this is absolutely true. The quality of the paint adhesion is directly dependant on how sound the substarte is you are painting on. Read about our process for ensuring paint will stick to your house for as long as possible.

Interior Painting

Carpentry Rebuild and Repair

Trex installation and repair Trex is a wood substitute, made from wood and plastic fibers, often used for decking, railing, fencing, and trim. The plastic and wood comes from reclaimed or recycled resources, like used pallets from woodworking operations, sawdust, and recycled grocery bags. Trex screens all materials to make sure only the highest quality ingredients go into the Trex factory. By using this process, Trex keeps thousands of wood scraps and plastic out of landfills each year and takes pride in what the company calls “environmental responsibility.” It also gives a building coveted LEED points.

Remove Graffiti Commercial/Retail owners often inherit graffiti and art graphics on walls and ceilings that cannot easily be remedied by paint. It is not uncommon to repair walls and use special stain blocking primers to permantly solve the problem.

Lead Paint Certification

Wood Stain after restoration


Window Replacement

Pressure washing

Epoxy Floor Finish

Paint Sprayer

deck restoration

Conversion Varnish and Lacquer are clear coatings which can be applied over wood and other materials. This is to protect and show the beauty of of the substrate. Pigment can be added to these coatings to alter color, appearance, and tone. Conversion varnish and lacquer are often used interchangeably, but these finishes are different. Conversion Varnish is often the choice for hard/exotic woods like walnut. Conversion Varnish on Walnut video

Concrete Sealers

Faux Glaze on Cabinets

Historic Restoration

A very high gloss finish for doors and trim can only be achieved by using an exterior high gloss paint in oil.

Hand Brush Enamel Paint

Aura Paint by Benjamin Moore video

Siding surface prep and re-staining coating

Front Door wood restoration and re-staining



Smooth Wall Finish