How to properly mask off an exterior paint job


This video shows typical ground protection and masking practices for exterior painting.

  1. Make sure area to be masked is clean of dirt and debris.
  2. Use a masker (or tape) to make a clean line, going over every inch of tape put down. Use your hand to make sure there are no bleed-through spots.
  3. Make sure areas are masked with plastic, paper, drops, etc.
  4. Be sure that those areas are secured, so that pressure from the spray gun is not blowing the masking on the painted surface.
  5. When masking steep areas, aside from fall protection gear, your protection should be secured with tape, tacks, and/or staples for further traction. Make sure that all plants masked are unmasked at the end of painting that particular area or at the end of the day. Learn More about masking for house painting.

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