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We hired John Shearer after knowing him for many years, he was a client of mine for over 10 years, to come and take a look, kind of casually. Had a previous job done on the exterior of our house, in particular the trim which was black which is always a challenging color. John came out with his crew, did a lot of prep work and really revived what we thought might not have been a rescuable situation with regard to the highly-glossed finish of our black trim on our house and we’re very, very pleased and now we’re going to have him come in and probably re do some recently custom made cabinets that we have since found out..the original finish was not really the proper type of paint we used in the kitchen and it’s starting to peel after a very short amount of time,  and we certainly would never consider using anyone other than John to come and re do it, with the proper products, which I think are not unlike what we do in our business, if you don’t start with the right fabric and the right hand-cut pattern  you’re going to get an industrialized job and that’s not what we’re about and I don’t think that’s what John’s about.


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