Benjamin Moore Paint 217 Primer enamel underbody




John Shearer: Oh, thank you – how does my hair look?

Hello, my name is John Shearer. I’ve been a painting contractor for 22 years. And for 22 years, we’ve relied on the same priming system underneath Satin Impervo for our finishes. It’s Benjamin Moore’s enamel underbody 217.

And, I would say that, the more things change, the more things stay the same. And what I mean by that is over the last 22 years, we’ve seen products come and go, products discontinued, but one thing has always been a steady for us and that’s using Benjamin Moore’s enamel underbody.

We’ve experimented with other products – specifically, if an architect has spec’ed out another system…but what we find is that there is no shortcut to doing a high-quality enamel finish.

The Benjamin Moore 217 is not a fast-drying primer. It is not a low-VOC primer. It is actually – what it is is a high-build, oil base, easy-to-sand, slow-drying finish that compliments Satin Impervo.


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