Use Benite Wood conditioner for a better stain finish
A wood conditioner is a product you apply before the stain or finish coat on a project – whether its new millwork or refinishing a vintage chest, using a wood conditioner can really affect the outcome and make all the difference between a project that’s spotty and uneven to one that’s professional-grade finish work.

Benite 1a.jpgBy deeply penetrating into the cellular structure of the wood, wood conditioners harden the wood itself which allows stains to leave a more even color.  At Daly’s, we’ve built our reputation on a product we manufacture called Benite. Daly’s Benite is great for both interior and exterior projects; it actually hardens the cellular structure of the wood by 10-15%. Benite does not leave a surface film; it won’t crack, chalk, blister or peel.  One great feature of Benite is that it minimizes the possibility of grain raising, which is important when creating a smooth finish.
Benite is very simple to apply, simply brush or rag onto bare wood, let sit a few minutes and wipe off any excess.  Depending upon the scope of work, it can be sprayed, rolled, brushed or wiped on.  You always want to let Benite dry a minimum of 24 hours before applying stain or finish.  Benite is compatible with both oil or water-based stains and finishes.
Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot more wood that comes from newer-growth forests.  Because the wood hasn’t been exposed to the same rigors as old-growth wood, it produces a grain that is less dense and more open.  When faced with this situation we strongly recommend two applications of Benite before doing any staining to minimize blotching and unevenness.
You can find Daly’s Benite at a number of independent paint and hardware stores in the Pacific Northwest; there’s even a handy Dealer Locator on the Daly’s website.  If you have any questions on stains or wood finishes, we welcome your call. Daly's can be reached at 1-800-735-7019 or